Marilyn Monroe Lookalike – Isabella Bliss

Blonde Bombshell and Platinum Pin-Up, Isabella Bliss
brings to life the immortal goddess that is Marilyn Monroe…

Whether you want to book her full length immersive Marilyn Theatre Show or add that touch of Hollywood glamour to your event as a meet and greet, Isabella is the perfect modern day Marilyn. Isabella Bliss sings like a songbird, dances like a dream and seduces the audience like a Hollywood starlet. With an array of iconic songs and Marilyn’s signature costumes she is a silver screen siren. Isabella is an international Entertainer having performed all over the world, for clients that include Arab Royalty, E4 the BBC and Peugeot.

She is the poster girl for Europe’s largest touring cabaret show with her elegant signature Giant Champagne Glass act. She also appeared alongside Steven Berkoff in the acclaimed art movie The Last Faust.

Isabella has most recently been starring as Marilyn Monroe alongside Denise Van Outen, Duncan James, Bill Bailey, Julian Clary, Toyah Wilcox and Rachel Stevens in her residency ‘Cabaret All Stars’ at Proud Embankment, London, as seen on Good Morning Britain and Sky News.

Isabella is a true authentic Marilyn impersonator and her genuine love for the iconic star can be seen in her attention to detail in her highly crafted performances. She is a delight to see and is guaranteed to leave your audience smiling.

Whether you need a silver screen siren mix and mingle or a live performance with or without a band, Isabella can tailor a bespoke package for your special event.

Let’s not forget those ever so special Happy Birthday moments! You can book her to jump out of a giant cake, with added Showgirls or even with her giant champagne glass.

Isabella is also the only tribute in the U.K to own her own special prop that allows her to recreate the bellowing white dress scene from the ‘Seven Year Itch’ which is a real treat and great photo opportunity for any event.

Book now and find out why gentlemen really do prefer blondes!

The Marilyn Monroe Meet and Greet Experience

Having Marilyn Monroe for a meet and greet mix and mingle adds an incredible level of glamour and fun to any event, and who doesn’t want a taste of Hollywood?

Isabella’s breathy voice, charming wit and undeniable curvaceous glamour captures the very essence of the 20th century’s greatest sex symbol.

Isabella has spent years performing and perfecting every detail of Marilyn from her voice to her unique body movements, flirtatious mannerisms and infectious laugh.

Working the crowd flirting with guests and making everyone feel welcome is all part of the package with this blond bombshell. People just can’t wait to get up close to the star and have endless photos with Hollywood’s brightest icon.

marilyn monroe meet and greet experience

Isabella comes with an array of Marilyn’s best and most memorable costumes for her luxury meet and greet engagements. Whether she’s draped in diamonds or covered in sequins she has the perfect wardrobe for your event.

Not to mention Isabella is able to re-create one of stars most memorable movie moments from ‘The Seven Year Itch’ live at your event with her own bespoke bellowing fan blow that dress to dizzying heights.

Why not add your own fake paparazzi to Marilyn’s Meet and Greet Experience for some of that extra Hollywood glamour?

The Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday Experience

Birthdays have never been so glamorous then with this incredible blond bombshell.

Isabella knows just how to make the birthday star feel like they are the most important person in the room.

Spoiling the birthday guest with her vocal talents and sensational attributes Isabella sings that ever so special “Happy Birthday” to the lucky birthday boy, girl or company.

She also has the perfect crystal encrusted replica of Marilyn’s infamous nude dress that was worn to the JFK gala ball to impress the president.

You can even book that extra surprise and have Marilyn jump out of a giant cake to sing the iconic Happy Birthday.

We have a few options for your birthday treats here which can be tailored to accommodate client’s needs so please check out our package options to see what might best suit your event.

marilyn monroe sings happy birthday

Marilyn Diamond Birthday Package

For evening or weekend happy birthdays at official larger parties and exclusive events only the highest glamour will do.

With options including the Giant Birthday cake, The Champagne Glass burlesque bath, added showgirls, fake paparazzi and much more get in touch now to build you perfect birthday package with Marilyn.

Marilyn Gold Birthday Package

For smaller more intimate birthday parties and private events Isabella can still build a fantastic package just for your party needs.

Marilyn Silver Birthday Package

Ever wanted an old fashion Hollywood glamour ‘kiss-a-gram’ well now’s your chance!

Isabella will turn up at your work and surprise the birthday boy or girl for a personal happy birthday treat.

Isabella comes with her own mini portable PA system for these kind events if needed or simply as she is.

Other options include a homemade cake from the Hollywood starlet or personal signed balloon and card.

One night with Marilyn

Written, created and performed by Isabella Bliss, international star of both screen and stage. The show takes the audience on a journey through the life of one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

Staying true to Marilyn’s character as an actress, singer and comedienne, Isabella encapsulates and breathes life into her tribute act through her dedication and attention to detail.

Isabella’s similarity with her ‘blonde bombshell’ looks and personality are almost hauntingly uncanny. This makes her show one of the most authentic Marilyn experiences.

The show has two 40-45 minute sets with numerous costume changes and include some of Marilyn’s most memorable songs from her legendary movies.

marilyn monroe performs in your kitchen

A live and kicking full tribute show to the Hollywood Icon.

  • Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

  • I Wanna Be Loved By You

  • My Heart Belongs To Daddy

  • Let’s Make Love

marilyn monroe performing at corporate events

In between these iconic songs and performance Isabella interacts with the audience as Marilyn sharing funny anecdotes and stories about the trials and tribulations of her life as Hollywood’s most famous sex symbol.

In one of the sketches Isabella searches for a potential husband which means audience participation much to the delight of everyone.

It is an interactive, unique, funny and fully engaging experience as a tribute show and Isabella’s portrayal of Marilyn is heartfelt and totally authentic.

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